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Yeah, so there’s one tiny little problem: he has no real, solid “proof” that Damien Bloodmarch is a vampire. If you go vampire hunting with no proof that the guy you’re hunting is, indeed, an actual vampire… Also, he looks perfect --- um, like a perfect description of the vampire Robert was picturing in his mind… Seiji didn’t expect Michirou to acquiesce so easily.Although Seiji considered it strange, he didn’t display anything untoward on his face.Yandere Dev has said that this ending is one of the most important aspects of the game's design since the beginning. In an interview with Techraptor, Yandere Dev once explained that if Senpai discovers five corpses over the course of the game, including his own sister's, he will become so mentally traumatized that he will essentially be a vegetable.When Yandere-chan confesses her feelings for him, he will not be able to acknowledge her.

That is, the result of any analysis based on inputs represented by probability distributions is itself a probability distribution.

Whereas the result of a single simulation of an uncertain system is a ("if we build the dam, there is a 20% chance that the salmon population will go extinct").

Such a result (in this case, quantifying the risk of extinction) is typically much more useful to decision-makers who utilize the simulation results.

In order to compute the probability distribution of predicted performance, it is necessary to (translate) the input uncertainties into uncertainties in the results.

A variety of methods exist for propagating uncertainty.

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