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I want Netflix to offer the option, to all of its subscribers, to add a PIN number on all profiles.I want them to do it, not because the law mandates it, but because it the right thing to do to protect children using their product.I love Netflix and the variety of programming available to my family but I have encountered a security issue that allows children to easily access adult content and no sensible way for parents to prevent it.Subscribers are able to set the age limit on each profile but nothing is in place to prevent the children from simply changing to another profile to access adult content.We work with industry partners to combine known illegal image detection with a dedicated team, which reports issues and where necessary escalates concerns directly to authorities.

Privacy Settings You must be signed in with Adult privacy settings (i.e., all settings enabled).

Crisp detects pornography, guns, nudity, gore and graphic images in real-time.

Using proprietary image classification algorithms and signal analysis, combined with human assisted training, we have achieved the highest accuracy rate in the industry.

Make sure there are no Child profiles signed in when trying to broadcast.

Twitch Stream Key Try resetting your stream key once by going to your Dashboard - - and clicking the Stream Key tab, then click Show Key and Reset Key..once!

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