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In addition to creating your own data adapters, you can import additional data adapters from your network or from the Marketplace to use in your own Mobile Fabric environment.

That means if there are 100 rows to be updated the Sql Data Adapter will execute 100 separate operations against the database.

As you might have guessed this is not efficient while dealing with large number of rows.

If an existing data adapter is updated to a new version, you can simply update your existing data adapter from your network or from the Marketplace.

The following procedures describe how to update your data adapters.

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There are also two events associated with this that you can use � Row Updating and Row Updated. in the absence of batch update, both of these events are raised for each and every row being updated.

To update a data adapter from your network Mobile Fabric will update the data adapter along with any associated JAR files.

Any data adapter that you have created or that you have imported can be downloaded to your network as a ZIP file which can then be used later in other Mobile Fabric environments.

If we set the batch size to 10 then Row Updating will be raised for 100 times where as Row Updated will be raised only for 10 times.

Following code illustrates use of this feature: Notice how we have attached event handlers to the Row Updating and Row Updated events.

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