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Richard Sauvé v The Attorney General of Canada, the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada and the Solicitor General of Canada; Sheldon Mc Corrister, Chairman, Lloyd Knezacek, Vice Chairman, on their own behalf and on behalf of the Stony Mountain Institution Inmate Welfare Committee, and Clair Woodhouse, Chairman, Aaron Spence, Vice Chairman, and Serge Bélanger, Emile A. The Attorney General of Canada Sauvé v Canada (Chief Electoral Officer), [2002] 3 S. The Court overturned the prior decision of the Federal Court of Appeal and held that s. 519 is a leading Supreme Court of Canada decision where the Court held that prisoners have a right to vote under section 3 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.*The User (you) must be at least 18 years of age to use this website * It is the User's (your) responsibility to preserve the user's (your) safety when communicating with the inmates that are listed on this website.* Female Prison and it's employees cannot held liable for any damages that may arise from communicating with inmates found on this website.When an inmate first arrives in CSC custody, a full intake assessment is completed.During this assessment, information is gathered about the inmate and the offence from police, courts, victims, family members and the inmate.With this information, a correctional plan is developed.This plan is used to measure the inmate’s progress throughout his/her sentence.

When assessing an inmate’s security level, CSC must consider three factors: CSC’s men’s institutions are classified by security level: maximum-, medium- or minimum-security.

Even if you come across a pen pal profile that states that the inmate is seeking a romantic interest ..inmate, more than likely will still be open to a plutonic relationship.

Many of the women on this website are in search of positive friends, Period.

The Female Inmates on this site seek correspondence from upstanding members of society.

You do not necessarily have to write to an inmate under the guise of starting a romantic or sexual relationship.

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